About Our Shop

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Nick-Knacks was birthed out of the love of creativity, accessories and all things natural. We believe it's the simple nick knacks that you add to an outfit that can bring it to life. Whether it's a funky piece of jewelry, trendy shades or a pop of color.

We offer a variety of fashion goods: from fashion jewelry, to scarves, bags, T-shirts and more. Several jewelry pieces are hand made using natural materials like wood and shells. Many pieces are made in other parts of the world while others are native to the US. Our natural hair T-shirts are designed by Nick-knacks founder. Each shirt is stylish reflecting positive self image and self love.

Nick-Knacks is about enjoying life and looking good while you're doing it!

For more information about Nick-knacks and it's product line, feel free to contact us info@nick-knacks.com